• Maarten Verkoren

    Maarten Verkoren

    3D-printing entrepreneur @ 3DMakersZone, Assembl3d, 3Dprint Magazine, 3DMakersMagic, blogger. Cooking, bootcamp, bikram yoga, movies, books, travel.

  • Jon Gatrell

    Jon Gatrell

    Product Strategy Guy

  • DCC Beta Projects

    DCC Beta Projects

    Let's trial a better Dublin! #DCCbeta is a Dublin City Council process for citizens and staff to systematically trial ideas.

  • Daniel T Jones

    Daniel T Jones

    Lean Missionary, Speaker, Author

  • Dean Jenkins

    Dean Jenkins

    Physician, co-founder onExamination.com, Adviser BMJ Group, Editor-at-large BMJ Case Reports, Managing Editor http://diabetesdiploma.com/, Tweets are my own.

  • Erik Schön

    Erik Schön

    Executive who has successfully developed and deployed strategy during over 20 years in small, medium and large organizations. Author of “The Art of Strategy”.

  • James Marwood

    James Marwood

    Head of Transformation & Change for i3Works. Org excellence, consulting and transformation in the public & private sectors. Views my own.

  • Vivek Naik

    Vivek Naik

    Continuous Improvement and Lean Practitioner

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